Rolling Pin Embossed with LUCKY IRISH FOUR LEAF CLOVER Pattern for Baking Engraved Cookies Size Large 16.9 inch

  • A wonderful and unique gift for family or friends who love to bake. Or treat yourself with a quality pin, that could be quite versatile in the kitchen. Save Time on Decorating, and use it on anything, Sugar Cookies, Kid’s Dough, Pasta, Pastry, Clay, Icing, Fondant, Homemade Noodles, Home Play-Dough, Biscuits & Crusts and Pies. Surprise and wow your guests with professional-looking finish for all of your creations.
  • Perfect for baking green St Patrick’s Day themed cookies for your party. Great gift for any special occasion including Christmas, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, Anniversary, Halloween, Housewarming gift. Make it a fun activity for the whole family and especially for the kids, as this rolling pin will bring your beautiful cookies alive!
  • Larger Than the Rest - this pin has a very large impression surface and will imprint multiple cookies on a single sheet of dough. Special cookie dough recipe and instruction are included on a rolled note with a linen rope bow-tie. ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Easy, smooth rolling and control, with comfortable grip and wide handles.
  • Exceptional craftsmanship and quality. With proper care, this pin will last for generations. Engraved with a lucky four leaf clover pattern. Size 16.9 x 2.5-inch. This laser-cut High-Quality Beech wood rolling pin for making embossed cookies, is cleaned and impregnated with a safe for food oil. It is beautifully packed in an attractive box with care to every detail.

Rolling pin dimensions: 18 inch length (with the handles), 10 inch length (without handles) and 2.5 inch diameter. Please note, that wood is natural material and small imperfection and discolorations on the pin are normal.

Do not wash in a dishwasher and avoid prolonged contact with water. Wash with soap and warm water. Use a soft brush to clean all nooks and crevices, then immediately dry with a cloth or paper towel.
Roll sugar cookie dough (or any other dough) flat with a regular rolling pin first. Once you have an even surface to work with, firmly push your embossed rolling pin over the dough. Just cut out your cookies like you normally would, and every one of them will have an edge-to-edge pattern.

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